Professional Portrait

A professional portrait (aka corporate portrait or business portrait) shows not only your appearance but also your spirit, manners and attitude, as well as the organization that you represent

Professional portraits are photos that any career needs, with many different applications. Some typical cases can be mentioned as follows: resumes, creative profiles or biographies; Facebook, LinkedIn and other social networks; annual reports; media kits, press release or interviews; advertisements, etc.

Basic Sessions
  • Duration: 15 – 20 minutes
  • Up to 02 outfits (bring your own)
  • Around 100 photos to choose from
  • 01 retouched photo
  • Additional retouched photos are 250.000đ each
  • Pay 600.000đ for all photos
Comfort Sessions
  • Additional time: 250.000đ each 1/2 hour [1]
  • Up to 04 outfits (bring your own)
  • Hundreds of photos to choose from
  • Retouched photos are +200.000đ each
  • Pay from 1.000.000đ for all photos (depends on session length)
Perfect Sessions
  • Duration: Up to 3 hours
  • Unlimited outfits (bring your own)
  • Get all taken photos
  • 10 retouched photos

All prices are tax excluded.

Shooting location is Paratime Studio. Other locations may need an extra fee. Clients prepare makeup and bring their own outfits.

[1] Save more when signing up for multi-hour sessions with an negotiable cost.

Retouching Price

If you choose to purchase all of the photos taken, in addition to the retouched photo(s) included with the package, you may need to retouch some additional photos:

  • under 3 photos: 150.000đ each
  • from the 4th photo: TBD

Find out more about photo editing and retouching at Paratime Studio.


20% discount for returning clients within 2 years from the last photoshoot.

Copyright and Usage

Paratime Studio is the sole copyright owner of photos. Clients have the right to use photos for personal purposes, communication activities and self-promotion of their business. In other cases, a written agreement is required.

The above prices do not include taxes, travel costs, setup fee (outside Paratime Studio) and other costs incurred.

Corporate Portraits by Paratime Studio

For Teams or Companies

In-office or on location photoshoots are available. Please contact us for quote.

Why should you choose Paratime’s portrait photography service?


Paratime’s professional portrait packages are unlimited in number of shots. The photographer only stops when the time is up or you have enough great photos. During the shoot, you will be able to see the photos immediately and can make adjustments to get the best photos. In addition, you will be guided to pose, change outfits and have photos taken with various of backgrounds or location in the time allowed.

On your location

If there is no time to go to the studio or the company wants to shoot for many people during working hours, you can request to be photographed at your office or any suitable location. With just a small room or empty space, we were able to setup an location studio with full equipment.

Aesthetic and Effective

Paratime will edit photos realistically but still ensure the highest aesthetic effect. In addition, Paratime will help you convert to different file formats, crop to popular ratios, resize and change the resolution, etc.

More Information

If there are other issues that are not clear, please contact us.

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