Terms of Service

Based on the proposal below, the Client may request to adjust the terms for particular cases. These changes are also the factors for adjusting the cost of the service.

AGREEMENT – The form of the agreement will be a service contract  between the Client and Paratime Studio.

TAXES, PAYMENT – Other taxes and costs will be clearly stated in the contract. Clint must pay in advance from 30% of the contract value. The time limit for contract liquidation and full payment of remaining costs is up to 10 working days from the date of product handover.

POST PROCESSING, HANDLING – After paying the advance payment, the Client will receive all the photos to select which to be post-processed. After the agreed days, if the Client still has not provided a complete list of photos to be post-processed, it is considered that the Client authorizes Paratime Studio to complete this list. Paratime Studio will hand over the processed photos within the agreed days from the date of receipt or a complete list of photos to be processed. Photos not on this list will be considered additional requests and will be charged at an additional cost.

COPYRIGHT, USE RIGHTS – All photos created during the shoot are copyrighted by Paratime Studio. After full payment, the Client will be entitled to use according to a specific agreement. Any other rights not mentioned will belong to Paratime Studio.